Penis Portraits

A unique commission experience

Embark on a personalized journey with Penis Portraits, a unique commission experience focused on capturing the essence of your intimate moments.

How does this work?

For Penis portraits, find the angle that suits you best—whether flaccid or erect, it’s about capturing your desired aesthetic. Ensure well-lit photos with hands kept out of the frame to enable a true representation.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance, and I respect the vulnerability of the images you share. Rest assured, once your painting is complete, your image will be promptly deleted from my files.

Please note, this is an original hand-painted artwork, not AI-generated. The creation process requires a dedicated amount of time to deliver a unique and personalized piece that celebrates your individuality. Elevate your space with a Penis Portrait that reflects the authentic beauty of your self-expression.


Choose your canvas size:

  • 9×12 for $350
  • 11×15 for $500

Customize your portrait:

  • Opt for the addition of flowers and vines or leave it elegantly white.