PRISM sessions are all about rapid fire posing. 

It’s a shorter time commitment
(plus it’s a more budget friendly option!)

In 30 minutes, you’ll hold 10 poses for 2 minutes each, to produce a single piece of custom watercolor art.


PRISM Sessions are $175, and include:
  • A 30-minute live pose session, over zoom
  • 10 two-minute poses
  • One custom 9″ x 12″ painting

What should you expect during your PRISM painting session?

At the beginning of our session, we’ll have a quick conversation about what to expect. Then we’ll dive right in. 

We’ll do 10 two-minute poses.

You can decide how erotic you want to pose.

It’s all about you for the session!
(I’m comfortable with anything.)

At the end of the session, I’ll show you the piece.

Your session includes one original watercolor painting. 

Your art will be in the mail within one business day. 

Ready to book your PRISM session?